Welcome to my journey. This site has been created to allow the people whom support me, to follow me through every stride, every 10k, half marathon, marathon and the greater plans that few know. It’s also here to remember the little chap that kick-started my running venture, Oliver Nuttall 31/08/15 – 26/10/15 and to follow my fundraising every step off the way.


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Power of Belief.

So my first update for a while. The Brecon Beacons Ultra has been and gone. One of the toughest challenges to date. Mind you I suppose each new challenge is tougher than the last. A whole new element to encounter. I went into the Brecon Beacons petrified.  I suppose I thrive of the feeling. Almost … Continue reading Power of Belief.

The Benefit of Change. I need You!

So today I am in a better head space.  I spent yesterday at The Christie Hospital. In which I have had ongoing monitoring since 2012.  My head in the afternoon wasn’t in the best of places.  I decided to go out for a run kindly joined by Bev.  After the 10-mile run my head was … Continue reading The Benefit of Change. I need You!

Give It your best shot!

So this is my first update for a while. I stopped blogging on day two in Milan.  I hit a low, motivation wise. A struggle I cannot seem to shake. The daily challenges that come along with all I have chosen to do. I was debating whether to upload this. I did however say I … Continue reading Give It your best shot!

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