From The Heart

Welcome to my blog. I have put off writing due to the fact I didn’t know what to say or how to word it. Then I realised today, that it had to come from the heart.

This journey began because I realised life was passing me by. This wakeup call came from the most distressing of circumstances, losing my baby nephew Oliver Nuttall.

This blog will help keep the little chaps memory alive. Furthermore it will keep me motivated. Many people ask what keeps me going. All I can say is I have always been told I couldn’t or wouldn’t do something.  I am my own worst critic, doubting myself day in day out. I set these challenges to challenge myself and to prove myself wrong.

I started by saying I would never do a marathon. This turned into a what if? moment.  I started researching marathons looking at Manchester (my home city) and London.  I then searched further afield, bringing me to the Great Wall of China marathon.  The intense challenge I booked on a whim, never thinking I would complete it. However, I did, pushing my limits and my comfort zones to places I never knew existed.  Therefore this, the journey and the people,  along with further challenges will be shared in the days and months to come.

All of which may have grammar or punctuation errors. But all in all will come from the heart. Thank you all in advance. I hope I do you #PROUD


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