The Year Ahead

As I started Writing this post a few days ago, I was thinking about the years ahead. Thinking have a bitten off more than I can accomplish? I had an upcomingrivington2 run up Rivington Pike, Night runner. I hadn’t slept and had a long day ahead in work. I was hardly feeling it. I was worried Id lost my passion for running.

I was thinking about the amount of overtime, time and monies that has been invested in the year ahead a deposit on a house gone. I thought what have I done. I turned up to the start line and bumped into a few of my old British Military Fitness buddies. There was a little warmth and spark that ignited within me. The briefing took place, we were off!  Nearly all uphill, my calves burned I wanted to give up.

Then something changed the adrenaline kicked in. The splashing through the steam of water working its way down the mountain. The mud working its way into the back of my trainers. This was why I ran. The feeling of being a child again. No fears, all the real world didn’t matter and I was on a mission. On the way to the top I stopped to take the opportunity to look around, it was stunning to views were immense. The runners passing by an orange moon over a rivingtonfrost concealed mountain.

On the way down, after my ankle had been bent this way and that. My head torch beginning to do my head in. I thought about the year ahead and the sights I am due to behold. I remembered how lucky I was. Testing my body to the limits, living life to the fullest.

So in some ways it has been as good and bad week – running has been ok. My nutrition is so so. However, although everything from flights to deposits and future ideas being juggled around my mind. I am looking forward to this year.  Looking back on the last and seeing I achieved more than I ever thought was possible. I am looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

Love Macca.



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