Journey so far!

This is just a quick post part way through the journey. What a journey it’s been. True to me it’s been as stressfull as possible. I’m just waiting game to board at Dubia airport. On to Hong-Kong.

I have just spent the hour before my connection running from one side of the airport to the other. Having to go through security numerous times. The reason being a lost wallet. The reason I was so concerned was due to the fact the hotel in china  requires a credit card for a safety deposit. So on top of the palava I have been on the phone, at an extortionate rate. Trying to resolve the issue before I arrived.

Going from lost and found to the police. Even browsing the toilets to try and locate the missing goods.

Some guy was adding to the whole situation screaming because he was drunk. Being floored by many officers. Not a place where I would want to be reprimanded.

Anyways good news it’s been located I’m on my merry way. Let’s see what unfolds moving forward.

BTW im wired on coffee to keep me awake. So apologises for the rant.





6 thoughts on “Journey so far!

      1. It’s really easy, you just ride a trolley up. The Buddha is also really cool but it’s more out of the way. I’d definitely recommend doing that to though, and ride the cable cars up there. You get some really amazing views of the mountains.


      2. The cable car was under maintinence, so i got a coach up via the fishing village. I didnt get up to the peak as was to tired after the Run, ill probably do a one day lay over and do it some other time soon .


      3. It was, further updates over the next few days. Not long before Israel, I did everything else just not the peak – probs saw more on the run than most ever do. All in all a plesent trip.

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