Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is a Mystery.

Hi guys, by the time tour reading this I’ll probably sat on a plane to Dubai. About 4 pm yesterday, my friend from san Diego had a family emergency. So unfortunately, cannot come. I will therefore be doing this trip alone. Very last minute and means all my plans have been thrown by the wayside. I shall be flying to Dubai first and then connecting to china.

To say I am apprehensive is an understatement. A long weekend in Hong-Kong who does that? Haha.  I will hopefully be able to access the internet via a VPN so if I manage to keep hold of my phone I shall be updating this as much as I can.

To my work colleagues and friends, thanks for getting behind me. No pun intended J. If you have got the time to drop a sponsor, please do so. It is greatly appreciated. Those that already have thank you once again.

This journey is going to be one long ride, trials and tribulations. I am already being tested before I have left the UK. That as you all know is being true to myself.  Now let the fun begin. (although I believe fun to be the wrong word).

BTW is anyone in Hong- Kong last minute I know but a friendly face would be good to see.

Yesterday I was just looking back at old picture and thinking. I used to live for the weekend. Going to places like Tomorrowland!  And festivals and probably hanging around the wrong people. To now traversing the world. My life being enriched with so many different walks of life.  Achieving so many amazing things.

Now just remember Yesterday is HistoryToday is a GiftTomorrow is a Mystery.


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