The Buddha, One Day To Go

Cont…..  So today I got up relatively early as a must for me was to go and see the Buddha.  So I set of to the concierge to work out my travel arrangements.  Went out side and jumped on the I jumped on the MTR at Tsim Sha Tsui  station( ill come back to this later) I was surprised at how swift this service was.  I headed to Tung Chung on Lantau Island. This is where I alighted in the hope of getting the infamous cable car. I jumped of the MTR with my octopus card (oyster card) and spotted a Starbucks By god did I needed one. I sat and enjoyed my cappuccino and hunted for the Cable car.

There was a set of people with similar looking jackets, one of whom advised the cable car was under maintenance. Disappointed to say the least.  Spotted the ticket booth and purchased a ticket Friendsunfortunately just missing the first ride, so that gave me hours to play with. I wandered around some little markets and entertained myself.

I put on my sticker like in preschool to board the coach to Tai O,  the home of the stilt houses and the Tanka people, a community of fishermen and women.  I boarded a boat to get the best view of this place. What a rough ride that was. It was amazing to see these little unstable stilt houses on the tidal flats. Using the toilet was another matter and not a site to behold.  Wandering around the village there I spotted bunch of local dancers putting on an exquisite show . Dancerstai-o-stilt-houses_03





Wandering round the streets looking at the local food, the aroma hit you. The dried octopus and entrails thrown around on teppanyaki plates was quite site. Fish swimming in buckets ready to be selected fresh for picking.  Mixed with the stench of the street food was an experience to say the least.

Jumping back on the coach , listening to the local guide tell us about the history of the area.  We headed to the Tian Tan Buddha, completed in 1993, and located at Ngong Ping. On the way to Ngong Ping I got chatting to some show jumpers from Australia. They asked where I was staying. I confirmed the hotel. They asked if I had heard about the MTR being attacked. I was a little bemused. Then all the sirens and traffic cops made sense the station attacked was Tsim Sha Tsui  station the one in which I was due to jump on at the time I was watching the light show instead. I had a lucky escape. That and getting my wallet back my luck was in! this was the station I got on in the morning and no signs of any damage.  Here is a link for further reading

We learned about Buddhism and the fact all the cows where wild due to the fact they believe in reincarnation and they may come back as a cow. There was a population of around   200. How they controlled this they never stated. However, I believe they went on vacation to the city where there was a lot of steak on offer. How do you like yours?The Cow

Walking up to the mountain I encountered the first cow, it was remarkably tame. It was like cow paradise. Trekking up the steps to the Buddha it was an astonishing site. Pictures did it no justice. Although the lighting was poor. We enjoyed all it had to offer. Wandering down to the temple where there where people lighting massive sticks of incense and praying, the aroma was one on its own.

The aroma


We all headed back to the coach as we had to be back for 18.15.  The count commenced and 2 were missing. The guide (Joyce – English name) advised at 18.16 they were late. She advised they had 2 minutes then we were setting off. It hit 18:18. True to her word she left, leaving 2 people stranded far out with no idea to get back. They wait for no one. The best way to be!!!!


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