The Impossible!

I have just been thinking about the challenges ahead. Can I crawl under a rock and come out when they are done? A while back I came across the saying in which I now use quite often “everything seems impossible until it is done” A year ago, I only just started contemplating my first marathon. Something I had never dreamed of. A change in my personal life made me make this change. Thus, to this day I believe this made me a better person.
With the bigger things in life, apprehension and fears leads to a feeling of not wanting to try. When it seems impossible, I am the first to admit I get into a defeatist mentality. Which in turn adds to the initial fear and impossibility of the task at hand. The best thing to do in a situation like this, as was explained to me by a friend. Is to look back upon your history to a situation that seemed impossible, that was eventually overcome and accomplished.
So, I look at the year ahead and some daunting challenges. I then look back at the great wall marathon. On top of this again 2016 seems to be my year! I look at my first solo Skydive. The sleepless nights, the trembling before the jump. The fear in my eyes. Then I look to the jump, on the edge of the plane 15,000 ft. I looked out to the propeller, gulped and threw caution to the wind. “Leap, and the net will appear” The sense of freedom I had was like nothing before. The adrenaline surged through me and the feeling of being alive. Soaring through the sky’s. I was my very own little action man. The thing I most feared became a hobby/ accomplishment. This allows me to look ahead, although with fear and apprehension and as the question. What if? What if I can do it? What next?
Its excites me to even comprehend some of the things I may be contemplating. It is however the mindset above that will allow me to achieve success. I need to tap into that belief, to create the right mind set to achieve what initially was the impossible.
People may see me as flamboyant, deluded and everything in between. I don’t set out to prove them wrong or portray a different version of myself. I set out to prove myself wrong. No one fears these challenges or doubts me more than myself. I am a doer. My determination will always prevail. I always say “it’s too early to give up, it’s too early to quit”.
I dreamed a dream and I began living it. Have faith and branch out into the unknown. I surprised myself. Maybe you can surprise yourself?



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