The Benefit of Change. I need You!

So today I am in a better head space.  I spent yesterday at The Christie Hospital. In which I have had ongoing monitoring since 2012.  My head in the afternoon wasn’t in the best of places.  I decided to go out for a run kindly joined by Bev.  After the 10-mile run my head was in a lot better place than it started. Running I suppose is like having a counselling session with yourself. The hard bit is getting out there.

Today saw the devastating news that the research centre at the Christie had caught fire.  my time at the Christie changed my view on life.  So many inspirational people walk through its doors.  Each with their own demons they face.  They just seem to get on with life despite the internal struggles they have.  One of the reasons I decided to take on The Petra Desert Marathon to raise funds for the christie.  And more recently decided to take on the 230km across the Amazon Rainforest in 2018  to allow them to carry out the life changing work they do.

The current charity of Claire house I feel profoundly proud to support. After visiting the Charity and seeing where the money donated goes. It was an emotional experience. which is hard to explain to say how I felt. To say I enjoyed it is incorrect , but as close as I will probably get.

The work they do allows the children, siblings and parents to get the most from life no matter how short it may be.  They say they hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Seeing the facility’s and a few of the children they care for it reassured me what I was doing was for the greater good. Not only was it helping me with my own demons, but helping those provide a lifeline to those in need.

Change can come in many forms in our lives. It may come on all of a sudden, like a tidal wave or creep up on us at a snail’s pace. I may as, as it did with myself. Come in the form of a tragedy of in the form of difficult choices, broken relationships or a new opportunity.

But even though change is often difficult. Many times, it is for the best.  I have many demons. Nonetheless the tragedy that changed my life pushed me to achieve great things.  Things I didn’t thing where possible. Anything great in life often requires a significant change that pushes us way beyond our comfort zones and beliefs.

I am beyond any comfort zone I could ever have dream’t of .   Time and time again I must question every decision I am about to make.  I always think that if I put myself out there I stand a great chance of failing, but if I do not I have already failed.

I do not intend to fail, I do intend to help as many people as I can. When I am pushing through pain barriers and emotions. I remember those I am doing it for! The pain I feel is nothing compared to what people face day to day. I find some courage within myself. Courage itself isn’t always loud and forthcoming. It is sometimes a little voice, that says I will try again tomorrow.

Take the sorrow or pain you may feel and turn it into something positive. I am not saying it will be easy, it most likely won’t be. It will however be worthwhile. I can assure you of that. All though at this very moment I do not see what I have done as achievements. One day I will!

Going from a party animal to a traveler, marathon runner and skydiver in the space on 1 year has meant great sacrifices . None in which I regret. Because I have developed as a person a better one I believe ( though that is  open for debate )   and that’s how change happens.  Change happens though each person, each gesture one moment at a time.

Hope usually begins in the dark, our happiness or unhappiness depends far more on how we deal with the challenge within our lives.  More than the challenge its-self.

All too often I dwell and focus on the bigger things, forgetting about enjoying the little things. Those little things however make the most of. They are the memoirs of life itself.  They are the words to you chapter, your chapter in time. Don’t waste it!  None of us truly know how long we have got so make the most of now. This is what Claire house do,  they make the most of every moment.  They create memories that will last long after these beautiful children have passed. Giving the family’s the most precious gift anyone can. MEMORIE. The treasures these familys get to keep for their lifetime.

This coming month I have the Yorkshire Three peaks.  The Brecon Beacons Ultra (where the SAS train )  and then I fly out to Peru to participate in the world’s toughest marathon upon the Inca Trail.  Even if you can spare the price of the coffee please do.  I have seen the tangible difference your donations make.  Remember it is you that are the life changers and the gift givers. You have been tremendously generous so far. I have had confirmation that the next £800 at least would be matched! Currently standing at £1900  let’s see if we can get it to 2700 at least.  That would mean at least £3500 for the charity.  I can only do it with you !!!!!!!


Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is a Mystery.

Hi guys, by the time tour reading this I’ll probably sat on a plane to Dubai. About 4 pm yesterday, my friend from san Diego had a family emergency. So unfortunately, cannot come. I will therefore be doing this trip alone. Very last minute and means all my plans have been thrown by the wayside. I shall be flying to Dubai first and then connecting to china.

To say I am apprehensive is an understatement. A long weekend in Hong-Kong who does that? Haha.  I will hopefully be able to access the internet via a VPN so if I manage to keep hold of my phone I shall be updating this as much as I can.

To my work colleagues and friends, thanks for getting behind me. No pun intended J. If you have got the time to drop a sponsor, please do so. It is greatly appreciated. Those that already have thank you once again.

This journey is going to be one long ride, trials and tribulations. I am already being tested before I have left the UK. That as you all know is being true to myself.  Now let the fun begin. (although I believe fun to be the wrong word).

BTW is anyone in Hong- Kong last minute I know but a friendly face would be good to see.

Yesterday I was just looking back at old picture and thinking. I used to live for the weekend. Going to places like Tomorrowland!  And festivals and probably hanging around the wrong people. To now traversing the world. My life being enriched with so many different walks of life.  Achieving so many amazing things.

Now just remember Yesterday is HistoryToday is a GiftTomorrow is a Mystery.

The Year Ahead

As I started Writing this post a few days ago, I was thinking about the years ahead. Thinking have a bitten off more than I can accomplish? I had an upcomingrivington2 run up Rivington Pike, Night runner. I hadn’t slept and had a long day ahead in work. I was hardly feeling it. I was worried Id lost my passion for running.

I was thinking about the amount of overtime, time and monies that has been invested in the year ahead a deposit on a house gone. I thought what have I done. I turned up to the start line and bumped into a few of my old British Military Fitness buddies. There was a little warmth and spark that ignited within me. The briefing took place, we were off!  Nearly all uphill, my calves burned I wanted to give up.

Then something changed the adrenaline kicked in. The splashing through the steam of water working its way down the mountain. The mud working its way into the back of my trainers. This was why I ran. The feeling of being a child again. No fears, all the real world didn’t matter and I was on a mission. On the way to the top I stopped to take the opportunity to look around, it was stunning to views were immense. The runners passing by an orange moon over a rivingtonfrost concealed mountain.

On the way down, after my ankle had been bent this way and that. My head torch beginning to do my head in. I thought about the year ahead and the sights I am due to behold. I remembered how lucky I was. Testing my body to the limits, living life to the fullest.

So in some ways it has been as good and bad week – running has been ok. My nutrition is so so. However, although everything from flights to deposits and future ideas being juggled around my mind. I am looking forward to this year.  Looking back on the last and seeing I achieved more than I ever thought was possible. I am looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

Love Macca.


The Determination

The mindset I initially have before I take on these challenges is, will I do it? I then have battle with myself over coming anxiety/depression and other factors.  The running helps me focus. It keeps me sane.

My first marathon in china, was unlike nothing I had ever imagined. I had a personal trainer 3 times a week, on top of running. There was sleepless night after sleepless night. I was told I would fail.  However battling injury and doubts. I put the training in and conquered the wall. One of my greatest achievements to date. Keeping my nephews memory alive.

When on an up from the addictive and infamous runner’s high I took on my next challenge. The Petra Desert Marathon a new challenge a new goal. Smashed and conquered in a few months after my first Marathon.

I have been running for a year exactly. I have bigger ambitions to test what I can do. Anything I have said I would not do, has now become my next goal.  To anyone doubting there self. You will never no until you try! you will be surprised what your body can go through it’s there to be tested. No matter what your aim is, go out and get it a little bit of determination goes a long way. It really does become mind over matter! Have that mantra and prove to yourself no matter what you can do it.